The magic can happen in a studio. Special things can happen in a recording studio, even though it may seem like a clinical environment from the outside looking in.
— Benny Green

Focus on the magic!

let us take care of the technical stuff

We believe the recording process should be a true capture of your expression.

With a welcoming, relaxing environment you can unleash your creativity and be professionally guided to craft your vision. With an extensive microphone collection and analogue outboard processors, your music can be truly brought to life.


all genres welcome

We have recorded across a large spectrum of genres including rap/hip-hop, country & folk, singer-songwriters, pop and rock and many more. If you would like to talk to us about your project, you can contact us here.


For you

When you work with us, you have unlimited access to our entire back line comprised of a house drum kit with multiple snare options, synths and drum machines by the likes of Moog, Teenage Engineering, Critter & Guitari and Roland, multiple bass and guitar amplifiers, guitar efx and our extensive range of guitars.


An array of Electric & acoustic guitars

With brands including

  • Gibson
  • Gitane
  • Yamaha
  • Vintage
  • Washburn
  • Fender
  • PRS
  • Taylor
  • Schecter
  • Carvin

Session musicians

local talent at your fingertips, so no idea is too big

If you are a singer-songwriter and have always wanted that full band sound or you are a band that would love a horn section, it is all possible when you record with us. With our fantastic access to session musicians, all the ideas you have are within reach!