My philosophy is to make records that have a unique sound. Too many records sound the same these days, because everyone is using the same gear. So part of what Iā€™m doing at my mix room is to combine analogue gear from the ā€™50s onwards with the latest digital equipment you can buy today, and mold all that together in a collage to create a record that has its own sound and that stands out.
— Jack Joseph Puig

We use a hybrid of analog and digital equipment during the mixing and mastering process to deliver a sound unique to you.

Giving your music the warmth and precision expected in the modern era. We can work with you in person if you are local or remotely, if you would like to send us your tracks over the internet.

we can mix & master your music, even if you recorded elsewhere

If you have recorded at home or in another studio we would love to work with you and take the final steps to get your project ready for release. For inexperienced artists we can help understand how to go about releasing your music on digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

No Risk

We ensure a quick turn around of your work and we offer to revise your project so you are 100% satisfied. You can even check out our Money Back Guarantee, for additional security that we are right for you!

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